10 Fox X-Men Characters Twitter Users Want To See In Deadpool 3

Wolverine returns in Deadpool 3 and Hugh Jackman will reprise his iconic role at least once more. The news set off shockwaves across social media thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Jackman's fun video teaser, especially on Twitter. Many Twitter users instantly clamored for other Fox X-Men characters to appear, and some are more likely than others.

Numerous characters appeared throughout the Fox X-Men franchise, including some characters like Colossus who already played a role in the Deadpool movies. The door also opens to other iconic and perhaps less well-known characters, especially a do-over for some actors involved in the last Fox X-Men movie, The New Mutants.


10/10 Legion

Legion might be the least well-known Fox X-Men character, but the critically acclaimed FX series featuring the character is ostensibly connected to the movies. David Haller, the son of Professor X, ranks among the most powerful X-Men villains, and his reality-warping powers easily could allow him to appear in the upcoming movie.

Professor X's wheelchair from X-Men: Apocalypse appeared in the series, threading the show to the movies and now potentially the MCU, where Legion likely factors at some point when mutants fully take part in the franchise.

9/10 Quicksilver

Thanks to his status among the fastest X-Men in Marvel Comics, Quicksilver stole the spotlight in several X-Men movies. Evan Peters' showcase sequences in several movies could lead to another in Deadpool 3 and there's precedent for it. The character made a brief cameo in Deadpool 2, along with other Fox X-Men characters.

Quicksilver also, in a way, appeared in the MCU. Peters portrayed a version of the classic character in WandaVision, though this character turned out to be someone else. The upcoming movie offers a chance to properly put Quicksilver and his sister on screen.

8/10 The Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff did appear in the Fox X-Men movies, though not explicitly. X-Men: Days of Future Past introduced Quicksilver's younger sister, and though the credits didn't identify her, the implication seems clear. Twitter users want Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch to appear together in the new movie, with Elizabeth Olsen in the role.

Olsen seems game for the prospect, saying in an interview that she hopes to cross over with the X-Men characters. The Scarlet Witch shares a long, complex history with the mutants, going back to her first appearance in X-Men #4 in 1964.

7/10 Negasonic And Yukio

Negasonic Teenage Warhead played a big role in the first Deadpool movie as the main character's long-suffering teenage sidekick. She reappeared in the sequel, though in a smaller role, and Twitter users want to see her return. They also want her girlfriend, Yukio, to come back for the movie as well.

Deadpool shared a funny connection with Yukio, saying hi to her every time they met, and it would be great for that bit to continue into the MCU along with an expanded role for the character.

6/10 Magik

Reshoots and the Disney-Fox merger made the last Fox X-Men movie, The New Mutants, something of an afterthought when it finally appeared in theaters. The movie featured several major mutant characters, including Magik, Colossus' sister, who fans want to see return in Deadpool 3.

Anya Taylor-Joy played Magik, among the most powerful magicians in Marvel Comics, and the award-winning actress definitely deserves a chance to continue to grow the character in the MCU.

5/10 Colossus

Colossus played a large and funny role in the Deadpool movies so far and fans want to see him return. As Twitter user @allendsmeet points out, Colossus shares a strong bond with Wolverine in the comics that the movie could build on. The two characters joined the X-Men at the same time in Giant-Size X-Men #1 from 1975.

Colossus ranks among the most powerful X-Men, and he certainly appears in the MCU when the team formally joins the franchise. The question remains whether it's the Fox version or a new one.

4/10 X-23

Many fans on Twitter hope more than one Wolverine appears. Dafne Keen played Laura, X-23, Wolverine's clone from Logan. She inherited the title and serves on the X-Men in Marvel Comics, and it would make sense for her to appear in the upcoming movie as well, especially if Laura turns out to be the MCU Wolverine.

Keen also hopes to reprise her role as X-23, among the most powerful Wolverine variants in the comics. She hoped to return to the role in Deadpool 3 even before the Hugh Jackman announcement.

3/10 Cyclops

Cyclops plays a major role in X-Men lore, but he arguably got the short shrift in the movies. He died in X-Men: The Last Stand but Twitter fans want to see him back in Deadpool 3. James Marsden played the X-Men leader in several movies and could appear as a variant, as presumably, Wolverine will be.

A younger Cyclops also appeared in the last few Fox X-Men movies, played by Tye Sheridan. He also potentially appears in the upcoming movie, depending on how it approaches the character.

2/10 Cable

Wolverine and Cable don't always get along in Marvel Comics and fans want to see that dynamic play out in the movie. Jackman's return presents a great opportunity to play him off Josh Brolin as the time-traveling mutant powerhouse Cable, who appeared in Deadpool 2 for the first time.

Cable and Wolverine also potentially set up the X-Force team. Both characters led different versions of the squad in Marvel Comics and could comprise a new one. The first attempted X-Force team in Deadpool 2 didn't last very long, with most characters dying after jumping out of an airplane.

1/10 Domino

Deadpool 2 also introduced Domino, another major X-Force character. Zazie Beetz portrayed the lucky mutant in the movie and Twitter users expect her to return. She made a great impression in the last movie and could certainly continue to play the powerful character going forward in the MCU.

Her power, which essentially alters probability to a favorable outcome for her in dangerous situations, could play a key role in Deadpool's entering the MCU. Depending on how the movie approaches the complicated timelines involved, she may simply luck them out of one universe into another.

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