10 Classic 90s Games That Can Be Played On Modern Hardware

It's hard to leave behind the classic releases of the 1990s and indeed modern developers have ensured that plenty of beloved games are still available to play on modern hardware and consoles, with PlayStation now releasing PS1 and 2 games via its new membership package. Through upgrading, remaking or perhaps even directly porting to the latest technology, players can pick up their current controllers and leap straight into these adventures.

They are vitally important within video game history and couldn't be lost to time. While there are sure to be further sequels and reimaginings down the line, for now, these massive and underrated 90s hits are a must-have for the current generation as a reminder of the classics in the archives.


10 Super Mario 64 (1996)

Super Mario 64 Hazy Maze 64

While it's of course not the first title from the Mario saga, Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular and beloved. Created by Nintendo and originally launched on the Nintendo 64, it's now available on the Switch as part of the recent run of current-gen updates.

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Using the Nintendo Store, players can purchase the title alongside a whole host of other classics. Super Mario 64 built the backbone of the franchise moving forward, with the titular plumber going on one of his most memorable adventures yet, boasting fun gameplay mechanics and striking visuals.

9 Pokémon Red And Blue (1996)

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Pokémon is very much alive today, with new releases seemingly every year. But the canon and continuity of the games ensure that fans want to continue to head back into the past. Many are hoping to see both the retro hits, Pokémon Red and Blue, head to the Nintendo Switch, which seems extremely likely.

Developed by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak, the series wasn't abandoned on recent consoles though, with purchases through the Nintendo Store becoming available. Fans were thrilled to be able to play through, choose their starters and battle on an updated iteration of the games on the Nintendo 3DS.

8 Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)

The intro to the Sonic the Hedgehog video game

Sonic is a mainstay of the video game landscape and was first released in the early 90s on the SEGA Genesis. Developed by SEGA, Sonic Team, M2, Backbone Entertainment, and Ancient, that first instalment catapulted the series into a massive success.

Players have wanted to return to that title for some time, alongside its retro sequels which each contributed their own elements to the larger series. Sonic Origins, which was released on current generations, included that early trilogy of releases allowing fans to head back into Sonic's 90s adventures! While fans await the latest interpretation, these are a good reminder of its roots.

7 StarCraft (1998)


There are plenty of strategy games that have captured the attention of the gaming community, but none more so than StarCraft which has ballooned into a huge series, and perhaps towards the height of the genre. The science fiction epic title was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, nStigate Games, Swingin' Ape Studios, and Saffire.

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It launched on Microsoft Windows and modern PC hardware continues to run the game to surprising effect. There have been official remasterings of the title and other interpretations, most of which are available through platforms like Steam. Players really can step back into the future, by going back in time.

6 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (1998)

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time starting menu.

Zelda has undergone something of a reincarnation in recent years, with soft reboots on the Nintendo Switch taking Link and his quests to a new level, for a different generation. But for fans of the series, Ocarina of Time is going to be a standout worth revisiting.

Developed by Nintendo Entertainment, it's memorable because it was the first of the series to utilize 3D graphics. Releasing on Nintendo 64, players can access the title through the Nintendo 64 pack on the Switch, alongside so many other classics. It looks better than ever!

5 Mortal Kombat (1992)

Sub-Zero fights Goro in the original MK

Mortal Kombat is the premium title in the fighting genre. Starting out as an arcade release, the popularity of the original installment was such that it was brought to a variety of other consoles during the time period. It was created alongside Midway Games, Acclaim Entertainment, Tectoy, and MORE.

The history of Mortal Kombat is vital to the narrative of this fictional landscape, with iconic characters debuting in that entry. Alongside its beloved sequels, the arcade title is now available to purchase on various digital platforms with improved graphics to play on PC. GOG is a great example.

4 Star Wars: Dark Forces (1995)

Star Wars: Dark Forces gameplay.

There are so many classic Star Wars games that should continue to be reimagined and rebooted for future generations to enjoy. While it's now a part of the Legends timeline, Dark Forces marked an incredibly ambitious move, to craft an original narrative that continued the saga.

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Releasing initially on MS-DOS and Macintosh, and then on the PlayStation, it was created by LucasArts and can now be accessed once more! PC gamers can check out the title on Steam for instance, and while the graphics don't quite hold up, the story is irresistible.

3 Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal Gear Solid 1998

Konami, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, and Digital Dialect worked together to craft yet another major mark in video game history. Indeed, the 90s was a vital era for the industry and Metal Gear Solid was launched as a stealth-based game with an edge, following on from previous installments.

While it might have been dropped on PlayStation and Microsoft Windows at its debut, players can find the title on platforms like GOG, where the brutal but dated game receives quite the boost in terms of its gameplay speed and graphics. It's a fun way to experience Snake's tense story.

2 Doom 64 (1997)

Doom 64

Doom 64 certainly wasn't the first part of the series. In fact, it was a spinoff, and actually the fourth entry overall. But it's still remembered so fondly and has been rebooted and remade in a variety of ways so that newer gamers can appreciate the impact that it had.

Developed by id Software, Nightdive Studios, Midway Games, and THQ San Diego, it may have initially launched on the Nintendo 64, but because of its importance, it is now available to play on countless consoles including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows.

1 GoldenEye 007 (1997)

Goldeneye Nintendo DS
A screenshot of the game GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo DS.

Goldeneye is quite the oddity considering it has become such a statement title with so many fans, and yet it's barely been featured since its initial release. Created by Nintendo, Rare, and Ultimate Play the Game, it launched on the Nintendo 64 but hasn't been featured on the Switch yet.

Intriguingly, it did actually return on the Wii. Fans shouldn't fear though as the title is finally being brought to the Xbox in the near future, meaning they can access the title likely through the Xbox Store, taking advantage of the benefits of the current generation.

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