10 Best Vampire Hunters In Shows & Movies, Ranked By Their Skill Level

The new vampire movie Day Shift was recently released on Netflix, bringing a new kind of vampire hunter into the mix. While Jamie Foxx's character works as a vampire hunter to support his family. What's more, the latest season of What We Do in the Shadows introduced Guillermo's family, all of whom are accomplished vampire hunters.

Most vampire hunters from TV shows and movies aren't working as a hunter to make a living. There are different reasons why they choose to become a hunter, which often includes some kind of revenge. These vampire hunters from various movies and shows stand out due to their skill levels as vampire slayers.


10 Talia Burns (First Kill)

Jack and Talia Burns from the Netflix original First Kill. 

First Kill is the newest vampire TV series available to stream on Netflix. This series features a family of vampires and a family of vampire hunters. Talia Burns is the matriarch in the family of vampire hunters.

Talia proves she's fully capable of taking care of herself and other family members when facing vampires and other monsters that go bump in the night. She's also a fierce protector of her children, even going up against her husband to protect her son who was recently turned into a vampire. While this series only has one good season, making it difficult to rate Talia's skill level, she's clearly a force.

9 Rayna Cruz (The Vampire Diaries)

Leslie-Anne Huff as Rayna Cruz the Huntress in The Vampire Diaries looks off camera worriedly

The Vampire Diaries is considered the best vampire TV show of today, but it has a tendency to romanticize the bloodsucking creature of the night. However, it still has several skilled vampire hunters that prove to be a threat to both allies and enemies.

Rayna is the fiercest huntress in the series, dedicating her multiple lives to killing or entrapping all vampires. She's initially depicted as a villain, attempting to kill both Damon and Stefan. However, she ends up saving Bonnie by giving the witch her remaining life. Rayna has centuries to develop her skills as a vampire hunter, making her the most skilled at her craft in the series.

8 Robert Neville (I Am Legend)

I Am Legend Painting Easter Egg

While I Am Legend follows some rules associated with vampire movies, it focuses on the apocalyptic aspect as much as the deadly vampires that hunt at night. Alone in the post-apocalyptic New York, Neville works on a cure for the vampire disease, killing and capturing vampires to test.

The vampires in I Am Legend are true nightmares, but Neville is the star of the show. He's impressive at tracking and trapping vampires. However, his skill set isn't limited to simply hunting and killing. Neville is a brilliant scientist, and uses his knowledge to find a cure for vampires.

7 Jack Crow (Vampires)

Jack Crow looks on from Vampires

In this film, Jack Crow goes on the hunt, with a couple of helpful companions, to avenge his vampire hunting crew after they are all killed by a powerful vampire. While many vampire films include a lot of drama, this plot instead focuses mainly on the action of fighting and killing the creatures.

Jack Crow has a tragic backstory that leads to his advanced hunting skills. After his parents are killed by vampires, he is raised by the Catholic Church to be a master vampire hunter. Jack isn't just an intelligent, motivated hunter, but one that was raised to be a vampire killer.

6 Gabriel Van Helsing (Van Helsing)

Van Helsing Hugh Jackman

When Dracula forms a dangerous bond with the infamous Dr. Frankenstein, famed vampire hunter Gabriel Van Helsing travels to Transylvania to defeat the evil allegiance before they can take over the world.

Van Helsing is not only a talented vampire hunter but is shown easily taking down powerful monsters. He's very skilled with different types of weapons as well as a capable fighter. Even after Van Helsing is turned into a werewolf, he takes on the infamous Dracula and defeats him. This hunter uses a curse put upon him to his advantage, his instincts to do good shining through his new monstrous form.

5 Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter)

Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

This film takes a prominent historical figure and turns him into a vampire-killing machine. After learning his mother was killed by a vampire, young Lincoln decides to train as a vampire hunter to avenge his mother's death.

After starting a family and beginning his political career, Lincoln learns that vampires in the States use slaves as a food source. This prompts him further to abolish slavery, waging a war against the south and the Confederate vampires. This vampire hunter doesn't simply use his skill set to kill vampires but uses his political power to wage an all-out war with vampires.

4 Sam And Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

At the beginning of this long-running series, the Winchester brothers struggle to defeat a vampire. By the end of this series, the two are easily able to destroy a whole hoard of bloodsuckers.

Sam and Dean Winchester are two of the most extraordinary monster hunters on television. Not only are they easily able to kill vampires with ease, but they kill hundreds of different monsters, demons, and even gods. These two are not only trained from a young age to kill monsters but are able to save the world multiple times.

3 Lucian (Underworld)

Lucian In Underworld Rise of the Lycans

Underworld is one of the best vampire movies, giving the viewers an intricate underground war between vampires and Lycans. Lucian is not only a vampire hunter, but the first Lycan born to the previously feral werewolf species, bringing a new age of being to the world.

Lucian's birth not only brought about a brand-new species but also threatened the control of the whole vampire race simply by being born. He's not only a paranormal being that has an upper hand over other vampire hunters, but he's a trained fighter with a deep-seated hatred for vampire kind.

2 Blade (Blade)

Wesley Snipes Blade

Blade was transformed into a half-vampire when his mother was bitten while pregnant with him. He's raised by an intelligent vampire hunter that raises him to control his vampire side and fight the creatures that attacked his mother.

This film follows the vampire formula in many ways, with Blade being a unique quality. Blade is not only a skilled vampire hunter but one with enhanced abilities similar to the creatures he kills. This gives him an upper hand against other vampire hunters, not only meeting their strength but understanding them like no one else can.

1 Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Buffy holding a stake in a promo image for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

In this long-running series, a teenage girl is chosen to be the one true vampire slayer, destined to fight the forces of darkness. Buffy Summers takes on this role, acquiring unique abilities that enhance her ability to fight monsters.

Buffy is able to fight vampires due to her enhanced abilities, but she has the upper hand by having a support system that helps her along the way. Buffy is the most skilled vampire hunter not only because she's destined to do so, but also because she utilizes the support system that allows her to lead a semi-normal life while doing it.