With the recent premiere of season 13 of Archer, the series is finding ways to honor Malory Archer following the death of Jessica Walters. While the loss will surely be noticed by viewers, the series will continue with the same dark humor and petty arguments between employees of the International Intelligence Agency.

While waiting each week for new episodes of the adult animated series, viewers can check out these similar shows. Varying between lighthearted jokes to dark and dirty, these animated series have the same workplace humor and family dysfunction as Archer.


Futurama (1999 - )

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After Philip J. Fry is cryogenically frozen, he wakes up in the future in Futurama. Fry goes to work for his distant nephew’s interplanetary delivery company alongside a one-eyed woman and a robot. Futurama and Archer feature workplace difficulties as the characters struggle to get their respective jobs completed.

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The jobs of Planet Express look entirely different with space monsters and evil corporations, but Futurama proves to be a staple in adult animation. The characters have distinct personalities that add to their charm and comedy. Fry is dimwitted and Bender brings out his worst qualities.

The Venture Bros. (2003 - 2018)

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The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. takes the action from Archer and adds adventure to chronicle the lives of the Venture family. With observational humor in addition to clichés of evil henchmen and villains, the show is well-thought-out and over-the-top. Though it’s not quite as dirty as Archer, the violence is just as graphic.

The Venture family also has a similar dynamic to Archer’s agency. The unethical scientist father cannot stand his incompetent twin sons and the family’s bodyguard is brutal in all situations. The upcoming The Venture Bros. film will be released on HBO Max as a finale to the series.

BoJack Horseman (2014 - 2020)

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BoJack Horseman features a washed-up sitcom actor who aims to become relevant again by releasing a ghostwritten autobiography. With a cast of anthropomorphic animals alongside humans, the dark comedy even tackles more serious issues like depression and addiction.

Despite the darker jokes compared to Archer, BoJack Horseman still manages to be hilarious and deserving of a movie adaptation. The storylines in both series offer a continuity not generally seen in most animated shows. The plots do not end at the end of the episode but continue throughout the entire series.

Frisky Dingo (2006 - 2008)

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Killface pointing a gun on Frisky Dingo

Frisky Dingo was a short-lived series on Adult Swim that featured Awesome X versus Killface. The superhero and supervillain are a parody of traditional superhero and action movie clichés similar to Archer’s parody of spy movie clichés. The series is completely over-the-top, with Killface being a naked, totally hairless, seven-foot humanoid with red eyes and no ears, whereas Awesome X is a billionaire tycoon with a costume that looks like a Deadpool ripoff.

Despite having ended in 2008 after two seasons, Frisky Dingo is worth the watch for both fans and haters of the superhero genre. It’s a hilariously good time with demented humor and one-liners viewers will find themselves repeating.

Inside Job (2021 - )

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Reagan stands by Glen at his desk in Inside Job

Netflix’s Inside Job features a team working for a shadow government organization called Cognito, Inc. The team attempts to control the narrative surrounding conspiracy theories that are actually true. A workplace comedy like Archer, the series adds shape-shifters and aliens to round out the hilarious characters.

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If Archer is the physical side of stopping criminals, Inside Job is the brains behind the plans. The main character, Reagan, is a highly intelligent but socially awkward engineer who finds herself in curious situations. She even creates a robot to practice dating. The series is the perfect mixture of science fiction and politics. If Rick and Morty and Archer had a baby, it would be Inside Job.

Solar Opposites (2020 - )

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Solar Opposites Hulu artwork

As a group of aliens crashes onto Earth with no way home, they form an unconventional family in the animated series, Solar Opposites. From the creator of Rick and Morty, the series has similar dark humor as the aliens attempt to acclimate to human society with hilarious results. There's a lot to know about the characters on Solar Opposites, and they are likable, adding a level of depth to the series.

Korvo is the equivalent of Archer, always trying to lead the others and getting upset when things don’t go his way. He has strong opinions and hates everything about Earth. Solar Opposites successfully combines dark comedy with science fiction.

F Is For Family (2015 - 2021)

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F Is for Family Bill Murphy puking

The Netflix animated series F is for Family, starring Bill Burr, follows a dysfunctional family in the ‘70s. Using darker comedy, the show is not what viewers might think, considering it’s animated. F is for Family tackles deep issues focusing on honestly portraying family and work life.

Similar to Archer, the series uses a continual narrative to follow storylines throughout the series instead of being self-contained per episode. F is for Family is not recommended for younger audiences, with mature topics and language. Frank has the same potty mouth as Archer with similar anger issues stemming from his job and family.

Rick And Morty (2013 - )

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Summer, Rick and Morty in Rick and Morty Season 6

A mad scientist and his grandson explore the universe in Rick and Morty. Just like Archer, nothing goes right for the main characters. Leaning heavily into science-fiction, Rick and Morty travel the universe and other dimensions, encountering aliens, and getting into trouble wherever they go. Rick and Morty often find themselves trying to defend their actions and escaping with their lives.

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The humor is dark and often dirty, with Rick always yelling at Morty and Morty getting himself into all sorts of heinous trouble. Rick and Morty is a hilarious animated series that no adult should miss.

American Dad! (2005 - )

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American Dad! chronicles the misadventures of CIA agent Stan Smith and his family. Similar to Sterling Archer, Stan finds himself in questionable predicaments throughout his career, but American Dad! has more ridiculous and outrageous storylines. The Smith family has a talking goldfish who used to be a human and an alien living in the attic that enjoys dressing in disguises.

The dysfunction of the Smith family is reminiscent of the dysfunction of the intelligence agency in Archer. With similar dark humor, American Dad! is a more lighthearted and toned-down version of the animated series in comparison.

Bob’s Burgers (2011 - )

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The Belcher kids perform in front of the restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Following the Belcher family’s burger restaurant, Bob’s Burgers never fails to entertain. in it, the children always go off on their own adventures with little supervision while Bob tries his hardest to keep the restaurant afloat. The Belcher family is awkward, cringey, and viewers just want to see them succeed.

The humor is drier in comparison to other adult animated series and with significantly fewer dirty jokes than Archer, so it can be easily enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Both Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer are also voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.