10 Best Quotes In Don't Worry Darling

The following article contains major spoilers for Don't Worry Darling!The newly released Don't Worry Darling contorts the psychological thriller genre into a feminist lens for its plot. While the film may not have entirely lived up to its pre-release hype, it has many redeeming factors, from Florence's performance to the lavish 1950s backdrop.

One such important aspect of the film is its dialogue, which helps piece together the truth of Victory and conveys the heightened emotions behind Alice's struggle and Jack's betrayal. Although the film is full of memorable quotes, there are some that stick out more than others for their thematic significance.


"You Love Me."

Jack Manipulates Alice

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling

Manipulation is a common theme in Don't Worry Darling and runs rampant in essentially all the relationships portrayed on screen, but it is especially present in the life of the protagonist, Alice, as Jack constantly dismisses her concerns and keeps her restrained in their marriage.

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When Alice wakes up in confusion after seeing headquarters, he diverts her attention by cooking (aka charmingly ruining) dinner and calls her back to remind her that she loves him. Not only does this quote symbolize his incessant need to be adored by his manipulated wife in all circumstances, but by choosing this phrase over "I love you" it re-establishes the power dynamics Jack so desperately needs to maintain to feel competent.

"Merciless Foe, That Chaos."

Frank Only Likes Control

Don't Worry Darling Red Toy Plane

Although Chris Pine's performance may not have been as lauded as much as in his other best movies, his portrayal of the misogynist yet charismatic Victory leader, Frank, is praiseworthy.

This quote from his house party is a perfect reflection of how Frank fits the archetype of a cult leader so effortlessly, preaching the safety of the status quo and vilifying anything that may disturb this fake and constraining world he has constructed. Not only has he successfully managed to recruit so many candidates for this horrific experiment that perpetuates the patriarchy, but he also excels in keeping the women (and supposedly, Bunny's husband) controlled with his fear-inducing words of chaos and what it means to progress.

"Sink Deeper Into The Way Things Are Supposed To Be."

Frank's View On How The World Should Be

Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling

Although its execution may have faltered, there's no doubt that the ideas behind Don't Worry Darling are important and intriguing, justifying it being a script that caused bidding wars.

The film attempts to tackle crucial issues in regard to gender roles, what it means to "be a man," and what a patriarchal society posits to be the ideal lifestyle for a couple. This quote, spoken by Frank as the couples enter Victory's alternate reality, emphasizes how problematic traditional gender tropes are. The line symbolizes everything that the movie strives to address and critique, while also serving as a crucial part of the climactic reveal.

"Or Is It Just A Desperation To Be Exciting?"

Shelley Talks Down To Alice

Alice being crushed in Don't Worry Darling

Despite Gemma Chan's more subdued character in comparison to her other best movies and tv shows, her role as Frank's wife gets a moment of glory at the end, while also having some great lines interspersed throughout.

That includes this quote, which she directs at Alice during the dinner party. Having enough of Alice questioning her husband, Shelley criticizes Alice for using all these accusations and recent outbursts to appear exciting among the other residents. This line posits Shelley as the delusional female devotion to her husband, and how that blind faith poses a hindrance to Alice's enlightenment and journey toward emancipation - an important discussion for a feminist text. It also is wonderfully juxtaposed with Shelley's murder of Frank at the end, where she redeems herself.

"But Then Again, You Didn't Believe Margaret."

Exactly Why Frank's Plan Works

Don't Worry Darling KiKi Layne Margaret

Despite knowing something is off in their lives, Alice struggles to piece together what is truly happening and is worried she will suffer the same fate as Margaret if she tells anyone. However, unable to hold it all in anymore, she confides in her best friend, Bunny, who sadly just tells her to keep it to herself and continue on.

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Frank brings up this fact when he confronts Alice, saying that he's sorry Bunny didn't believe her but also noting that once upon a time, Alice herself didn't believe or help Margaret. This line not only addresses the parallels between Margaret and Alice's journeys but also highlights the harmful cycle of women not believing other women in a male-centric world. Plus, it serves to foreshadow the struggles Alice will face in trying to avoid the same fate as her neighbor.

"In Here, They're Alive."

The Heartbreaking Truth About Bunny

Olivia Wilde In Don't Worry Darling Trailer

Don't Worry Darling is not just an exciting movie directed by an actor, but it's also a film that starred the director as Olivia Wilde played Alice's best friend, Bunny. Bunny is revealed to be a willing participant in the Victory simulation as, having lost her children in the real world, she comes to Victory to unite with them again.

Although this quote hence distinguishes Bunny from the other male participants, it also complicates her character as she goes along with the otherwise oppressing initiative. Additionally, it also positions her motherhood as the focal point of her identity, proving how at times the film perpetuates the same ideals it seeks to criticize and reform.

"And Yet Here You Are, Preparing Dinner. Like A Good Girl."

The Villainous Frank

Chris Pine in Don't Worry Darling

Pine's depiction of the Victory leader, Frank, is a fine balance of charming and chauvinist. His most admirable performance in the film is undoubtedly when he confronts Alice before dinner, confirming her suspicions and openly challenging her.

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His delivery of this line is especially chilling as it reflects his blatant sexism and condescension, confidently assuming Alice will once again forcibly revert to her submissive and domestic lifestyle. With this quote, Frank fuels Alice's quest for freedom and to become more than a docile housewife who fulfills the unspoken desires of insecure men. Also, Pine's delivery makes the quote that much more uncomfortable and provocative.

"Think About Your Life And What You Actually Want."

The Other Side Of Jack

don't worry darling florence pugh harry styles

Harry Styles proved to be a believable Jack not only as the refined, "perfect" version but also as the demanding, insecure, and toxic masculinity embodying version from Alice's real life.

Although Jack spends a lot of the film dismissing and gaslighting Alice, his patriarchal ideals are fully exposed by the grand reveal. This quote is hence important as it once again highlights how deep his manipulation of Alice is and how delusional he himself has become, fooling himself into thinking this world is anything but a massive ego stroke for him and his idea of a perfect marriage - a nod to the film's stance on such ideals.

"I Know That You Are The Man You Say You Are."

More True Than You Might Realize

Harry Styles' Jack opens a car door in Don't Worry Darling

Harry Styles' Jack proves to be a great debut leading role for the musician, offering him the chance to showcase his acting skills as both a suave and loving husband, along with his reality as an unambitious, controlling, and regressive reality.

Of course, Jack's insecurities are fueled and furthered by Frank's online platform, coaxing him to reclaim the masculinity he assumes to be slipping away with every successful shift Alice performs as an MD. This quote is one of the most significant ones from the film as it showcases just how common and toxic this damaging mentality is, also reflecting the type of thinking Wilde's film hopes to dismantle with its experimental approach.

"It Was MY Life!"

Alice's Helpless Plea

Florence Pugh distraught in Don't Worry Darling

Forced domestication, lack of freedom, and an outdated, unfulfilling routine are all recurring themes in Alice's life as she lives the same monotonous days on repeat in Victory.

However, her real life was eventful and satisfying as she worked as an MD and had a genuine (albeit difficult) relationship with Jack.

When she discovers Jack stripped away every aspect of her identity to turn her into the wife of his dreams, she emphasizes that even if she was working and tired all the time, that old life was her life. This quote is the best of the film as it portrays the importance of female autonomy and the damage inflicted by misogynist ideals. The line (elevated by Florence's brilliant delivery) is one of empowerment and reflection, an important and recurring feminist theme in the film.