10 Best Ghost Hunting Paranormal Reality TV Shows

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s no better way to get into the spirit of the holiday than watching creepy shows such as the recent Conjuring Kesha or Zak Bagan’s annual Ghost Adventures Halloween Special. They're sure to will keep viewers up all night contemplating what they know about the afterlife.

In terms of paranormal reality TV, Ghost Hunters set the stage for the rise of several phantom-seeking shows like it, each episode replete with adrenaline-fueled action and edge-of-your-seat investigations. Even the most skeptical viewers will wind up sleeping with one eye open after a night of binging any of these haunting reality series.


Help! My House Is Haunted (2018–present)Help! My House Is Haunted show

Following a group of paranormal researchers in the United Kingdom, Help! My House Is Haunted investigates the homes of everyday people who have been witnessing some chilling, unexplained hauntings.

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Created by Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans, the series inspects places plagued by paranormal entities in an attempt to fully realize their authenticity. Unlike most ghost shows that are filmed in the United States, Help! My House Is Haunted explores the ominous events of a different country, which is sometimes tied to the nation's significant and rich history as well.

Ghost Asylum (2014–16)

Ghost Asylum show

Ghost Asylum rejects the usually broad scope of ghost hunting shows and focuses their energy solely on allegedly haunted asylums, which always seem to be hot spots for activity in every single paranormal reality series.

Though the show may have lost its longevity by choosing this route, it enriched each episode with the pasts of the facilities in question, that often were home to the most tragic and horrific stories of crimes against their patients. Furthermore, the show offers a unique group of investigators called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, whose passionate personalities are infectiously entertaining.

Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters (2004–06)

Dead Famous Ghostly Encounters show

As a celebrity-fueled paranormal reality show that aired for just three seasons, Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters portrayed the high-octane quests of a clairvoyant and a skeptic in search of the spirits of dead celebrities.

Using elements of music and stage, the two journey across America attempting to gain contact with world-class entertainers like Frank Sinatra. Their efforts are unlike any ghost series out there, packing on another layer of challenge while they sought to validate not only the existence of life after death but also the presence of thought-to-be-gone famous personalities.

Paranormal State (2007–11)

Paranormal State show

Lead by Ryan Buell, Paranormal State is the only ghost hunting show featuring a student paranormal research society of a university, Pennsylvania State. The club featured a revolving cast as they dissected the supposed hauntings of American locations.

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What made the show truly special was the intense personalities of its cast and the incorporation of their hectic college lives. As the show progresses, viewers are introduced to the secondary story arch of the demon that has allegedly been following Ryan himself throughout his life, making it that much more personable.

Portals To Hell (2019–present)

Portals To Hell show

Following in the footsteps of many other ghost hunting shows, Jack Osbourne capitalizes on his fame to investigate potential portals to the netherworld in some of the most haunted areas on Earth.

Instead of concentrating on specific spirits, Portals to Hell investigates the origins of the hauntings and the intricate history behind them. From once slave plantations to demon lurking wells, Jack and his crew risk possession and harm to bring the audience evidence of evil spirits in a charismatic way.

Paranormal Lockdown (2016–present)

Paranormal Lockdown show

One of the fallbacks to most ghost hunting shows is when the investigators pack up and end their searching for the night, leaving viewers wondering why they hadn’t continued until morning. This is exactly why Paranormal Lockdown earns itself a spot as one of the best paranormal reality shows.

The series remedies the issue of time by going all-out and spending 72 hours straight in each individual location investigated, leading to the inescapable terror of its cast. Left with nowhere else to run in the meantime, the ghost hunters are able to fully digest the energy around them and give the speculative spirits a chance to become more comfortable with the crew’s presence.

The Dead Files (2011–present)

The Dead Files show

Out of every ghost hunting show, The Dead Files may just have the most unusual approach to uncovering the potential paranormal aspects of crime and applying it to each episode. This is done through the use of the strong, cooperative skills of a retired detective and a psychic medium.

After each investigation, the two compare notes, which almost always correlate with one another and further prove the impressive truthfulness to the hauntings. The show thrives in keeping its watchers intrigued with its insanely accurate sketches of those who are said to haunt the locations and crime-focused storylines, making for a perfectly bone-chilling nightmare.

Kindred Spirits (2016–present)

Kindred Spirits show

Kindred Spirits seeks not just to make contact with spirits but to unveil their motives for haunting the area and attempt to assist them in passing over or leaving said place, which is especially unique given the aggravation tactics similar series use.

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The pair of investigators are not as easily frightened and dramatic as other paranormal television hosts are, but for this they are rewarded with more sound and valid data to put towards solving the hauntings, themselves. On top of this, the show often includes interviews and even a from the people being haunted during the investigations.

Ghost Hunters (2004–20)

Ghost Hunters show

The one that started it all and among the top paranormal TV series on Discovery+ is none other than Ghost Hunters, following the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) investigative team as they scour the world for unarguable proof of real hauntings.

The crew show goes the extra mile by doing everything they can to debunk unauthentic evidence before jumping the gun and claiming the presence of spirits. Ghost Hunters continues to up the ante with spin-offs like Ghost Nation, innovating and refining their craft through the use of scientific equipment, like electromagnetic field meters.

Ghost Adventures (2008–present)

Ghost Adventures show

Quite possible the most popular ghost hunting show of all time thanks to confrontational nature of investigator Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures brings increasingly eerie, often historical locations across the world right to the viewers' television screen and shows no mercy in harassing the ghouls that torment the living.

The dramatic reactions of Zak and his personable crew egg on the audience as the experience activity that makes their blood run cold, and sometimes even seems to make them physically sick or injured, adding another wow factor to its greatest episodes. To inflate the shows ecstatic energy all the more, the cast uses an array of gadgets such as motion detectors, electronic voice phenomenon recorders, and infrared cameras to further authenticate their pseudoscientific research.