10 Best Comedy Podcasts, According To Reddit

With podcasts inspiring shows like The Dropout and The Shrink Next Door, it is obvious that the medium is enjoying its greatest success ever. While the dramatic potential for podcasts is obvious, many of the best shows are of the comedic variety and have listeners rolling with laughter on their commutes.

From genre-bending shows like Last Podcast on the Left to TV tie-ins like The Always Sunny Podcast, some of the funniest content available is heard on podcasts. While there are a plethora of sidesplitting comedy podcasts, users on Reddit took to the site to shout out the ones that had them laughing the hardest.


10/10 The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Nikki Glaser poses for a promo image for her podcast

Successful comedians usually find a strong synthesis between jokes that are at others' expense and jokes at their own as well. User guitardale13 shouted out one such show, writing, "Nikki Glaser podcast! I can't wait for her reality show on E!"

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Comedian Nikki Glaser made a name for herself with her unique brand of roast comedy, but on her podcast, she spends a lot of her time roasting herself and her life. Glaser's show is perfect for the daily commuter because of its relatively short and digestible length, and the fact that she broadcasts several times a week.

9/10 Last Podcast On The Left

The hosts of Last Podcast on the Left pose for a promo image

Long before the true crime genre became a popular topic for podcasts, the comedy trio behind Last Podcast on the Left was bringing chills and laughs. User tryanloveonanother picked it as their favorite, saying "If you want dark humor Last Podcast on the Left is great!"

Even the scariest series from the show are shot through with a healthy dose of humor, and the hosts are not only informative but hilarious as well. While the jokes can sometimes be too blue for a lot of listeners' taste, LPOTL is one of the defining podcasts that helped put the medium on the map, and they have expanded into an entire network of shows.

8/10 The Always Sunny Podcast

The hosts of the Always Sunny podcast pose for a promo image

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has become a cultural touchstone of comedy, so it was only natural that the stars would have their own podcast. User samhoop88 thought the podcast was for everyone when they commented, "Always sunny podcast, even if you haven't seen the show I bet you'd still enjoy it".

Whether they're recounting stories from the best Always Sunny episodes, or just riffing with each other, there is never a dull moment. The natural chemistry between the cast shines through in the audio medium, and as the user suggested, there is a lot of humor to be found even for people who aren't fans of the show.

7/10 Let's Stop There

A banner image for the podcast Let's Stop There

Books aren't usually the first thing people think of when they try to conjure up a humorous podcast, but the hosts of Let's Stop There have made reading a hoot. User Cool-Neat1351 explained the podcast when they wrote, "Let's Stop There - 3 men reading terrible books, it's properly laugh out loud funny!"

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Bad movies are often the topic of discussion, but bad books rarely get the same kind of love--or hate in this instance. While bad books would normally be a chore, the goofy lampooning of their ridiculous plots and dialogue is enough to have listeners wheezing.

6/10 Comedy Gold Minds With Kevin Hart

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall appear on Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart

Standup comedian and actor Kevin Hart is one of the most visible celebrities in the comedy world, and he uses his podcast to elevate other brilliant minds in his field. User hahathankyouxd gushed about the show, saying "Kevin Harts Comedy Goldminds... Features a lot of people who don't normally pop up on podcast circuits".

The world of comedy is populated with many figures who essentially go unsung. Whether they work behind the scenes or are veteran road comics, Hart approaches his guests with the same interest in their lives and careers. The insights given in the show are quite poignant, and of course, the show is always a laugh riot.

5/10 Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

Conan O'Brien gives a thumbs up while hosting his podcast

After spending decades of his career on TV interviewing guests, Conan O'Brien took his skills to the podcast medium with hilarious results. User TinySumo mentioned Conan's work when they said "Conan O'Brien needs a friend - Conan banters with his crew and interviews fans and friends".

One of the things that made Conan one of the best talk show hosts of all time was his unique sense of humor and unbelievable wit. No longer burdened by network strictures, his podcast delves even deeper into his clever mind and is like a classic interview show without boundaries.

4/10 Fly On The Wall

Dana Carvey and David Spade appear in a banner image for Fly on the Wall podcast

Uniting two different generations of Saturday Night Live alumni together into one podcast, Fly on the Wall is an unlikely comedy pairing that actually works. User marceldia didn't have much to say about the show they love when they exclaimed, "Fly on the Wall with David Spade and Dana Carvey!"

With Spade's unique brand of snarky humor and Carvey's brilliant character work, the interview-style comedy show has a natural flow to it. Often speaking with fellow funny people, the easy-to-digest comedy podcast is nevertheless an insightful look at show business from the perspectives of two seasoned veterans.

3/10 This Is Important

The cast of This is Important appear in a banner image

After conquering other mediums like TV and movies, a lot of comedians host podcasts because it really allows them to be themselves. User trebuchetwarmachine mentioned such a podcast when they said, "This is Important - the guys who did 'Workaholics'. Great to shut your mind off to, pure nonsense comedy".

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With a foursome of smart and funny minds, This is Important starts the humor with its title and never lets up. While they may not be having the most important discussions of all time, the witty repartee that the hosts have with each other is where the real gold lies. Of all the comedy podcasts available, This is Important feels most like hanging out with a group of friends.

2/10 Tuesdays With Stories

A banner image for the podcast Tuesdays With Stories

Comedians Joe List and Mark Normand may not be the biggest names in comedy, but their podcast is a shining example of what comedic minds bring to the medium. User coogiwaves talked about the show's humorous flow when they said, "Tuesdays With Stories...these 2 have some of the best chemistry when they really get riffing back and forth".

While most of the best podcasts of all time are known for their rigid structure, Tuesdays shines because it is essentially a freeform program. Letting the two hilarious hosts loose to do whatever they want means that the show is not only funny but unpredictable as well.

1/10 Comedy Bang! Bang!

An image of a figure riding a motorcycle from the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast

A few podcasts have had the unique lifespan of Comedy Bang! Bang!, and its reputation seems to grow with each passing year. A deleted user got personal with it when picking their favorite comedy podcast, writing, "I like comedy bang bang".

Originally starting as a radio show, Comedy Bang! Bang! soon became a podcast and eventually a TV series as well. Unlike most comedy podcasts which revel in their own unstructured nature, CBB features basic discussion segments as well as character work from its roster of great contributors. While it isn't as raw as other comedy shows, it still remains one of the funniest.

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